Don’t read my blog.

Write a blog

Why bother blogging to no audience?

We all know that writing a blog is very important. Days of brochure websites are over. Your space on the web must look alive, with useful, creative content, and consistent updates. Easier said, than done, right? It can be disheartening, especially if no one ever reads it, but I think you should do it anyway! Read below why.

It will help you focus

There is nothing better than putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, to help you concentrate. Instead of random thoughts floating around your head with no purpose, get them to work for you. Think what is important to your customers, to your business, to your passion, and write it down. It may help your thinking process and generate ideas for more revenue brining activities. You can also harness the unbelievable energy of procrastination. If you think you’d rather make that sales call than writing, go for it! (and write about it later).

Writing has mysterious powers.

Once you start, you will discover, that you actually know more than you thought you do. Most of us suffer from ‘curse of knowledge’, it’s when we think that what we know is obvious to everybody else. Sometimes it is, but we have our unique experiences and different perspective, which may be useful to your customers.
Also you can treat it as a form of therapy. Annoying customer? Write a blog on how does excellent customer service work. Ha! Prove them wrong.

Google will reward you for it.

Currently SEO gurus are advising that your website should be updated two to six times per week! That’s a challenge to say the least, but start small with a post once a fortnight, then once a week. If you feel unappreciated with no audience, you can rest assured that bots and spiders are scanning your content, and they pay more attention than humans, and they even count the keywords.

Exercise you creativity.

Keep a list of topics, and write about them all. What I love about the digital world is that you don’t have to decide between two options, you can have it all! If the inspiration hits you, sit and write five blog post, and then schedule them to appear within next couple of days or weeks. Or better still, keep them as a backup, for the time, when you’ll be on holidays, or under more pressure.

Your writing skills will improve.

Everything takes practice. Write every week for a year and see the difference; it’s statistically very unlikely to write 52 bad pieces in a row. Leave your first draft to sit overnight, then go back and edit it with fresh eyes. Then asks somebody from your team to proof read it. Remember than done is better than perfect; and if the blog post is bad, so what? Nobody reads it anyway.

Somebody may finally notice.

I am a firm believer that good things come to those who’re trying. You never know. If you can help just a one person, (even if it’s yourself), just do it.
The longer I think about it, the more I am convinced that it’s even better, when nobody reads your blog. It can save you tons of embarrassment, nobody disagrees with you. You don’t waste time replying to comments. You don’t have to worry too much about punctuation and spelling.

Audience-free blogging is the way to go!

To remember:

  1. Keep a list of ideas – unlock your creativity
  2. Write it all down – done is better than perfect
  3. Post on regular basis – grow that blogging muscle

(I hope you are not still reading it, but if you are, I wish you the very best luck with your blogging!)

Just keep writing

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  1. My apologies, I accidentally read your blog post Ania despite its title … 🙂 I have to admit I love it and looking forward for more. Best of luck!

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